About Us


Krossproject is a platform for crowdfunding short-term projects.

We are building a community where people can contribute and support projects they want to see come to life. Whether it's an individual project or the next big idea, we want people to be able to take part. This means that anyone can create a project on Krossproject, whether you are a team of professionals or just one person with an idea. Each project will be independently assessable by the Krosscommunity, where the goal is to find projects that will be interesting and useful for people in the world. 

Krossproject is a new way of doing business. It is designed to make the funding of short-term projects accessible and easy. We pride ourselves on being a completely transparent platform, where all of

our users can see exactly how the money they give will be spent. This enables full trust in what we do. We believe that more people should be able to take part in dynamic projects that affect their daily lives – whether it be as small as helping to build a bridge or as big as inventing the next big technology.

The main goal of Krossproject is to provide an opportunity to every individual to invest in projects around the world while ensuring their success through the availability of funds.

With Krossproject, the possibilities are truly endless!

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