General Guidelines:

  1. Projects from all over the world are welcome. Our focus is on South African projects for verification reasons.

  2. All projects must be 12 months or less in duration.

  3. Campaigns run from a period of 7 days up to 90 days against a funding target.

  4. Projects owners will state the interest they are prepared to offer on each project, though donations are also welcome.

  5. Project sponsors can either donate or invest for interest on each project.

  6. Funds are held by Krossproject until the required funding amount is reached then this is transferred to the project owner or when the campaign period ends.

  7. All project owners are required to open an account with Krossproject. Project sponsors are not required to if the funding is a donation.

  8. Each project will show the level of verification conducted through a progress bar as an indicator of risk. The higher the verification level, the lower the risk.

       *NB: A 100% verified project does not imply that the project is risk-free. Risk from fraud and other unforeseen events

          may still exist. However, the risk will be considerably lower.

  9. South African projects will be physically verified and have additional risk-mitigating criteria set in place. The level of 

      verification will show on projects.

 10. Project updates will be provided over the term of the project.



The main goal of Krossproject is to provide an opportunity to every individual to invest in projects around the world around them while ensuring their success through the availability of funds. For this to work, we seek to ensure the safety of investor funds and that every single dollar invested reaches its destination in one piece and is used for the purpose it was intended.

Our services offer an additional layer of security . And while our methods are not 100% foolproof, they reduce the risk significantly.